Bittersweet Rain

Original title: Saudade fez morada aqui dentro
107′ / Fiction / 2022 / Brazil

Production Company: Plano 3 Filmes
Director: Haroldo Borges
Producers: Paula Gomes, Ernesto Molinero, Marcos Bautista
Cinematography: Haroldo Borges
Art Director: Marcos Bautista
Sound: Pedro Garcia, Vitor Coroa
Editing: Juliano Castro, Haroldo Borges

Synopsis: Bruno is 15 years old and is irreversibly losing his sight. With the uncertainties of a coming of age amplified by impending blindness, the film turns the tragic fate of its protagonist into a tale of collective learning.

Award for Best Film Editing by EDA (Asociación Argentina de Editores Audiovisuales) / Astor Piazzolla Award for Best Feature Film / Audience Award / SIGNIS Award for Best Feature Film
[Mar del Plata International Film Festival – Argentina, 2022]