The Cemetery Lightens

Original title: El Cementerio se Alumbra
14′ / Non-Fiction / 2018 / Cuba

Production Company: EICTV
Director: Luis Alejandro Yero
Cinematography: Natalia Medina Leiva
Editing: Juliano Castro

A radio announces that Havana and nearby towns have fallen. Hundreds of young people dance in a bunker while a man whispers biblical verses at a railway station. Life explodes on a night of death.

Best Latin American Short Film Award at Mar del Plata International Film Festival – Argentina, 2018
Best Short Film Award at FICUNAM – Mexico, 2018
Best Documentary Short Film Award at FIC Gibara – Cuba, 2019
Havana International Film Festival – Cuba, 2018
Muestra Joven – Cuba, 2018
Jeonju Int’l Film Festival – South Korea, 2018
Olhar de Cinema, Curitiba Int’l Film Festival – Brazil, 2018
DocumentaMadrid – Spain, 2018
Frontera Sur – Chile, 2018
Neighbouring Scenes, Film Society of Lincoln Center – USA, 2019
Sheffield Int’l Documentary Festival – UK, 2019



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